We aspire to meet or exceed client’s requirements !

The Dry dock repairs & Conversions is effectively controlled, fully pre-planned and organized in a corrected way, as to meet the challenge of servicing and satisfying the Shipping Market’s great demanding expectations.


The offer of Ship Repair services by LG Marine is included: 


1.       To be introduced the suitable Shipyards to our clients, depending on the Ship's movement status,

           size, nature, pre-work scope of repairs and dock / berth time availability. 


2.       To be negotiated for the aim to achieve the best price and terms.


3.       Post-fixture Attendance and Intervention as and when it is necessary.


4.       To prepared and developed the Chinese Ship Repair Market for your Fleet as your pioneer.


5.       With some problems during the early stages, due to the competence of the employees in LG Marine

          and the Shipyard, a mutual understanding was reached and a common mentality was adopted.


6.       To be effectively manned and equipped, the great majority of Chinese Shiprepair Yards are now

          able to accommodate practically any type of commercial ship and successfully carry out any repairs

          and conversions, with technical competence and very competitive & guaranteed repair duration time.


7.       To be reached a competitive prices and payment terms are the key reason to our successful work.

          This has resulted in hundreds of international Ships being repaired in China the recent years,

          through LG Marine. Emphasis should be placed on the company’s ability to obtain highly competitive

          prices for steel renewal and for sand blasting which prices are hard to get by any competition in worldwide.


8.       To be continuously attended your repair work progress, in coordination with the Owner's

          Representative, enables a smooth work program on spot.


9.       To be immediately and efficiently involved & intervened on spot in case of any mis-understanding/

          disputes before, during and after the repair between Owner and Yard


Below you can find the maps of the shipyards which are represented by LG Marine which are a result of many years of hard work and successful dealings. With effort and diligence the Repairs & Conversions has been able to direct our clients to the appropriate shipyard with each of their specific problems. Our clients feel secure knowing that we can create the best possible deal for any kind of repair they may need in any part of the world.


Our impeccable working relationships with these key shipyards in China have given us a competitive advantage throughout the years and always give our clients outstanding results.



Supervisory services for dry-dockings, conversions, ship repairs